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In 2014, US lost a property of $1.1 billion because of a fire. While most fire damage is recoverable, some of it is not, this happens because of the magnitude of fire. The bigger the fire, the lesser the chances of recovering the property. That is why, it is important to have working fire alarms and sprinklers in your house or office. With these precautionary measures in place, the fire won’t have a big impact on your property.

These two devices are used in fire remediation so the loss is minimal and restorable. If the damage has already occurred, there is no need to feel desolate because there are companies which provide fire damage restoration services. If you are a resident of Costa Mesa, LA County, Orange County, Riverside then you don’t have to look further.

Costa Mesa Fire Damage is just a call away to revamp your house just the way it was before the fire struck.

Fire Damage Solutions

Here is our pick on what you should do while the fire damage restoration team is on its way;

  • Put the carpets and rugs out to dry. The water from fire extinguishing must have dampened them.
  • Make sure you spread the fabrics properly because you don’t want molds and mildews growing on your carpet.
  • Collect all the clothes in a carton box and send it off to the cleaners. You can also wash it at home with special detergents made for fire damaged clothing. But cleaners will do it more professionally so they are a better option.
  • Do not use water to clean metal goods in the house such as utensils, lamps or metal decorative pieces. The fire has already done enough damage and applying the water will further corrode it.
  • Dry the legs of your furniture and wrap plastic sheets around it. You can also use aluminum foil. This will help prevent contamination.
  • Use vacuum without a brush to clean powdery soot. Using a brush will only spread the contaminant and smear it on the floor, which will make it even harder to clean.

Why 24-Hour Costa Mesa Water Damage Should Be Your Choice

When we arrive, you will have nothing to do but be with your family and rest. We take it from the very beginning and execute a fire damage clean-up plan as soon as a detailed assessment is conducted. We will provide you with fire damage clean up tips for small salvageable things that you don’t want to send off to a cleaning or repair facility. We have a team of devoted professionals who will get to work like nothing else matters. We put our customers need before our business for the sake of humanity. The company provides full equipment support to its professionals for truly refined work.

24 Hour Costa Mesa Water Damage Services in A Nutshell

  • Emergency services available 24/7
  • Water damage restoration
  • Smoke and soot clean up
  • Refurbishing of the house
  • Clothing and furniture fabric clean up
  • Sandblasting charred furniture
  • Odor removal
  • Repair and storage facility for movable items
  • Antibacterial Treatment and sanitization

To know about our procedures, customary packages, and affordability, call us now at (949) 867-7002.

We also take care of old fire damages that were left unattended in the past. Hurry up. Fire damage only worsens if restoration is delayed.


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